Monday, October 12, 2009

The smell of dying leaves

Bine aţi venit! Welcome to my blog! So far I am having a great experience as a TEFL volunteer, I only regret not starting this blog up just before staging. Better late than never. Enjoy!

The smell of the leaves is taking me home. I’ve never wanted to be at a high school football game quite this much. Fall has hit this city pretty hard. It was about two weeks ago that I left Christi’s place and was stunned by the smell. There were signs of the season before, but it was one of those moments that takes you by surprise. It made me think back to the first few months of high school when I was regrouping with my friends anticipating that Friday night football game just for something to do. The walk to Aniello's during the last quarter was always the best part.

I have realized that besides the changing seasons, Petrosani is not very much at all like the home that I’m used to. There are football games but they're not quite played the same. There is a pizza place in town but it is nothing like Aniello's. I feel like I have friends and family here, but they’re not the friends and family that I’m used to back in Corning. I am just now realizing how much I like the autumn.

In all honesty, I have it pretty good. This is not at all what I expected when I sent in that application to the Peace Corps. I live in a clean neighborhood of a nice town surrounded by people who want to see me succeed. I have a nice, small, studio apartment, the internet, and a cell phone. Even though from time to time I miss the traditions, family, friends, sights, smells, tastes, and sounds of home, upstate NY, I recover when I consider both the warmth of the people I’ve met so far on this adventure, and the support that I have from my friends and family in NY. Thanks!

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