Saturday, October 17, 2009


July 2009

My 2008 new years resolution was a simple one. Read more! Until then, I spent most of my free time doing other things like social networking, watching TV, and whatever other unproductive forms of entertainment I could get myself into. I guess I see reading as a more productive form of entertainment. I was holding true, and reading some great books up until I came to Romania seven weeks ago. I have been super busy with learning the language so it's understandable that I have put my reading on hold, but recently I stumbled across a book that may be good or bad, but either way it attracted my attention.

Books written in English can be found in Targoviste, but they are a bit more expensive than they would be in the US and at this point my cash is only going toward the few things I need, and some traveling. Before coming to Romania my interest in the American West was revived when my brother and I worked our way through rented copies of the HBO series Deadwood from the library. He made it further than I did but only because I got bogged down with Romania preparation.

The free books box in our lounge is mostly full of sci fi novels and whatever else I don't like, but I keep my eye on them to see what new books will come through. Yesterday I found Appaloosa. The only thing I know about Appaloosa is what I learned browsing through redbox movies and catching the cowboy hats on the cover. I new it was a western. I also knew from my experience working at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art that Appaloosa is the name of specific looking horse used in the American West, if I remember correctly. It all fell into place when I looked at Mikes large list of movies and recognized the name. That redbox cover is within reach, and so is the book that it follows. This is a prime opportunity to read the book before the movie, which is an order that I have a history of screwing up. They might both suck, but they are still a small break from Romanian. Both versions may also be awesome. I guess we'll see.

I found out that a good time to do my Appaloosa reading is while I'm waiting for the bus. There are times when I find myself waiting for up to 30 minutes and I usually carry the reading over to the 15 min bus ride home. What better way to get that American culture fix than an American western?

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