Bine ati venit! Welcome to my blog. My name is Andrew Matusick, I’m 26 years old, and this blog is an ongoing record of my experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Romania.

A couple of years ago I started writing this blog for three main reasons.  First, I wanted to share some of my pretty unique experiences as a TEFL volunteer in Romania with my family and friends.  Secondly I was hopeing to learn a bit more about blogging and other forms of online communication, skills that might prove to be useful later in life.  Lastely, I was looking for a productive way to kill some time.  It turned out to be a pretty cool, and deffinatly rewarding personal experiment that I'm glad to have shared.

Please feel free to do some sharing as well.  Share you thoughts, your ideas, and your feelings about what you read.  Please comment on the posts if you have anything to say or if you have any questions.  I'm eager to hear yout thoughts and opinions.  Enjoy the blog and thanks for visiting.


  1. Greetings, Andy.
    I stumbled upon your blog while being snowed in down here in southwest Romania, in a tiny little village called Obedin, 12 km west of Craiova.
    My husband is Romanian and we've been living here for a year to help care for my mother in law who is terminal with cancer.
    Last summer we took some friends to Sighisoara and met a couple of Americans from the Peace Corps. Otherwise I've yet to run into any other Americans although I know you're out there because I've seen the evidence in various blogs.
    It's nice to read your perspective on the country. You've got some great photos as well.
    Okay, that's enough. Can you tell I'm a little stir crazy from being inside with the snow? My apologies for the long-winded comment.
    Best of luck to you.
    Leigha Ionescu
    zikebikediaries.blogspot.com in case you haven't seen the southwest of the country yet ;)

  2. Hello, nice blog. I like your writing :). I started to read all your blog archive :D and i'm glad you're enjoying your stay in Romania. Good luck