Saturday, February 11, 2012

Podcasting course

When in Romania I'm continuing to learn new things.  Over the past five weeks I have been periodically tuning into an online course that I decided to join.  My program manager at Peace Corps found out about it somewhere and sent out a mass email to all PCRo volunteers about it.  I happened to be the only one of us that decided to sign up and it ended up being a pretty good decision.

The course was entitled "Podcasting for the ESL-EFL classroom" and though our moderators were based in Venezuela, participants tuned in from all over the world.  The course covered the basics of podcasting from the free audio-editing software to the publishing online.  The course also covered useful ways to use the podcasting in an ESL-EFL classroom.  Participants had to draw up a project outline that they can use in a classroom setting.  That is, a hooked up classroom setting with computers, headphones, internet and freedom to download the necessary software.  Finally the participants had to present all of there work on a blog that they themselves designed with the guidance of the moderators. 

Below is a list of the tools we used and learned about:

Free Music Archive
Virtual Presents

and many more mentioned in the required readings. 

Many of these tools offer great ways to integrate technology into the classroom. 

My final product is a blog named AndyCasting which includes all of the podcasts that I recorded for the session as well as the project that I came up with. Click here to check it out.

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